Our call is to be:


When it comes to Jesus, we are all or nothing. Convinced by the truth of the Gospel message and its power to transform lives, we answer the call of Jesus to go out and disciple all nations. The time is now.


We are determined in our faith, conquering our fears and sacrificing all that we are to follow Jesus. We are steadfast in our love of God.


We are unafraid to proclaim the gospel. We are most comfortable when we go out to the streets, to meet people where they are at and we share with confidence the truth of who Jesus is.


Our experience of the Holy Spirit fills us with passion and what we have, we want to share. We want to offer to those who don't yet know Christ the opportunity to follow Him and discover His love and purpose for their lives.


By following the example of Jesus, we offer our truest selves, so that we might reflect the glory of God. We are open, gracious and loving to everyone we meet regardless of their background, lifestyle or point of view.

(above: the world is our parish)


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