"This trip totally blew my theology out of the water. It has renewed my thirst for the living God and it has reignited my missionary zeal and longing to see people saved." Pete Portal, South Africa Townships (commenting on India Mission '08)
'Quite simply changed our life by recharging our faith. Friday nights are forming the bedrock of our new awakening.' Libby and Stephen Ferguson (Discipleship, Autumn '10)
'Doing in my life exactly what it says on the tin - I feel like a different person inside! Its great to hear the plain truth as it really is, not the watered down version.' Claire Thompson, HTB (Discipleship, Autumn '10)
"I wanted to intentionally push myself out of a comfort zone and destroy any boxes or small views I may have had regarding preaching the gospel, healing the sick, binding up the broken hearted, casting out demons. I wanted to experience a different approach to evangelism in different culture and country. I wanted to learn from expert evangelists on the job. I succeeded. I felt the Lord achieved more in me than I set out to achieve. I learned to celebrate in the simple gospel, the power unto salvation. The basic and simple faith for healing and freedom of the local church amazed and encouraged me. I was reminded again by the Indian people how important honour and celebration/rejoicing are. I learned you don't need language in common to communicate well. I learned to trust God and take risks. I learned new ways of deliverance and healing. I learned a simplicity of faith in the power and compassion of God. I learned the importance of joy and peace on the battlefield. I learned a lot from Dom and Thea's leadership with regards to the way I hope to lead in the future. I learned how powerful and important encouraging, transparent, vulnerable and honest leadership is. I learned again, that the only thing you need in common to create powerful unity and relationship in a team, is Jesus. I felt challenged to love better, deeper, more like Jesus. I felt so encouraged to allow God to use me as I am and where I am." Emma Foster, Kingsgate Church Kingston (commenting on India Mission '16)
‘I felt like I accelerated three years in my faith’

Corinna Loges, HTB (Summer '09)

‘I felt like I accelerated three years in my faith’ - Corinna Loges, HTB (Summer '09)
"The material is so rich, there is always something new to discover, going deeper and growing higher in the ways of the Kingdom. By the time I finished the third course, I felt equipped to go an a mission to Kenya and I have been living out 'The Great Commission' including preaching the gospel, teaching the church, healing the sick and casting out demons. I am doing things for the Kingdom I never thought I would be able to do! Being on a mission has also made me realise there is so much to learn, so no doubt I will do the course again." Krisztina Ambrus, Kings Gate Fellowship, South Kensington (Discipleship, Summer '10)
"I really enjoyed all of it. My heart was to love India, be a part of salvations, preaching the gospel, encouraging the Indian church and seeing miracles. I succeeded, praise God! The freedom brought to people who had evil spirits was very transformational for me." Suzie Trickey (commenting on India Mission '17)

"Going to India with Now Believe has made me become more free in speaking out my faith, in healing people and casting out demons. The trip has given me courage and boldness - I am more confident and secure in my gifting. Thank you for including me. I have loved it." Rachel Giddens (commenting on India Mission '17)

'I can't recommend this ministry highly enough: especially for strengthening and encouraging disciples, whether in the valley or on the mountaintop - ideal for those with a passion or hunger to move forward in God's perfect plan for their lives. I attended this course after a year of redundancy, divorce and bereavement; provided an invaluable avenue for renewal and breakthrough into deeper and more satisfying areas of Christian experience, enjoyment and fruitfulness!' Michael Sawh, Kensington Temple (Discipleship, Autumn '10)
'I really thank God - such a blessing and an inspiration.'

Revd. Davis Gatua (Spring '10)

'I really thank God - such a blessing and an inspiration.' - Revd. Davis Gatua (Spring '10)
'The discipleship has helped me enormously; in realizing who I am, new steps of my journey and inspiring me to what is possible. Through the Spirit, the course brings the scriptures to life, their truth and power and pulls the original church and true discipleship into the 21st century. I can honestly say that I am a different person to the one who started the course 12 weeks ago; due in no small part to the trip to Kenya which blew my mind. I just find myself realizing that things which I used to think were important, really actually don't seem to matter anymore.' Susannah Prins, HTB (Discipleship, Autumn '09)
'Absolute MUST for anyone who is seeking deeper intimacy with God and wants to understand what it means to live out the great commission in the 21st century. Not for the feint hearted(!)- you need to be prepared to be challenged, to step out of your comfort zone and allow God to take the reins as you embark on a new and exciting adventure.' Georgina Costa, HTB (Discipleship, Autumn '10)
'The training has equipped me with deeper knowledge and understanding of God's word, imparted spiritual growth and developed leadership skills.' Bishop Joseph Nganga (Discipleship, Spring '10)
"I loved it, looked forward to it all week - definite highlight of 2009! What did I like? the whole lot - truly free worship; dancing around, the expectation; the intimacy and the trust; being challenged and led out of my comfort zone; actually entering the heavenly places; How did I change? I think the teaching really released me to live out everything I had felt stirring for a while - it really fed a hunger, whilst making me hungrier still. It's very freeing being around people who don't apologize for the radical statements in the Bible, and aren't afraid to try and live out the full gospel. A massive thank you!" Clemmie Briance, Kings Gate Fellowship, South Kensington (Discipleship, Autumn '09)
'Authentic Christianity - nothing more exciting than that.'

Adam Baring, KingsGate Church, Kingston (Autumn '10)

'Authentic Christianity - nothing more exciting than that.' - Adam Baring, KingsGate Church, Kingston (Autumn '10)
'Absolutely awesome in every way - challenging, inspiring, difficult, full of love - just incredible. It was extraordinary to hear the gospel spoken of and the church spoken of in that way - a total revelation. It's going to be a very tough 12 weeks, but I'm looking forward to them!' Harriet Caldin (Discipleship, Autumn 09)
'The whole thing rocked in terms of sharpness in the message and urgency of the call. Keep cutting up the bread of life. It was served hot.' Andrew Thomson, Chiswick Christian Centre (Discipleship, Summer '09)
'I loved the 'solidly scriptural content of the course' and would recommend it to many, many people.' Clare Williams, Kings Gate Fellowship, South Kensington (Discipleship, Summer '09)

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