Do miracles happen today? Is it possible to encounter the presence of Almighty God? Are heaven and hell real?

The Last Reformation - The Beginning (2016) - FULL MOVIE

A documentary showing how life must have been for the first disciples of Jesus who walked around on earth and why the gospel flooded the whole earth.

Healings, Miracles, People Encountering the Living God

Testimonies from CBN that follow the stories of people who have either been healed, experienced miracles, encountered the resurrected Jesus Christ or been to Heaven or Hell and back.

Classic Street Healing Videos with Tom Fischer

This is a classic healing video showing God healing people in everyday situations by Tom Fisher. I love the way he makes it look so normal.

The Kingdom Carnival

This video was shot at a carnival in Kansas with the students loving and manifesting Gods love and Power. Watch as many come to the reality that is in Christ Jesus. He becomes more than a message on this day he becomes their healer

Atheist Encounters Hell and Meets Jesus

Atheist professor became a pastor after having a hellish experience.

Muslim Hezbollah Soldier Meets Jesus In A Jail Cell

Former Muslim Terrorist Sees Jesus And Becomes A Christian (English with Arabic Subtitles)

Ian McCormack - an Atheist Encounters the Risen Jesus

Ian McCormack was an atheist, living a totally worldly lifestyle, when he got stung by 5 deadly jellyfish, died and went to hell, then to heaven, due to his Christian mother's prayers, and back!

Plane Crash Survivor Discovers God Is Real

Mickey Robinson was a professional skydiver, who lived life on the edge. One day, while on a routine jump, his plane was involved in a terrible crash. This is his testimony of how his near-death experience took him to the edge of hell, and how he was saved by God.

Can a Person Encounter the Presence of God?

Dominic Muir discusses how education, reputation and worldly pleasures failed to provide a solution for the gap in his heart.

Hell Experience of Ex-Satanist - John Ramirez

Awesome testimony and teaching on the spiritual realms.

Lifestyle Christianity - Movie FULL HD ( Todd White )

This feature length movie takes you into four normal days of the life of Todd White.

Crohn's Disease Miraculously Healed

Wonderful testimony of people being healed by the power of Jesus.


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